14 Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Summer is the perfect time to get back into a healthy lifestyle and cleanse your system. Detoxing is imperative to having a healthy mind, body, and soul

To refresh your lifestyle and eliminate toxicity– click below to find out what you can do.



1. Love Yourself.
There is nothing better or healthier for you than to love yourself. Make it your mission to find ways to give yourself love every single day. Some self-love techniques are taking care of yourself, putting yourself first, telling yourself you love you, hugging yourself, making healthy choices, making lists of things that you love about yourself, to name a few. Loving yourself will give you a sense of ease… It will make you feel better, day-in and day-out.

2. Enjoy life.
Laughter really, really is the best medicine. Find ways to get a good laugh or smile into your day.

3. Re-assess The Relationships In Your Realm.
It’s truly important to take inventory on the relationships in your life. Learn who you need to set boundaries with. Reach out to someone you miss. Figure out which relationships ones that you need to strengthen, and which ones to let go of. Sometimes removing toxic people from your life will create a breath of fresh air.

4. Safe Your Space.
Your room should be your safe haven. Create a space that feels good. I personally love having candles, sage, incense, fresh flowers, twinkle lights, and soft sheets in my room. Add anything that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Cleanse Your Body.
Cleanse your body with nutrients. Your body craves them. Fruits, veggies, protein, water, tea, and vitamins are all healthy additions that you can consider.

6. Grant Yourself Downtime.
You whole-heartedly deserve time to unwind, time to gather your thoughts, center yourself, time to be still and sit in solitude.

7. Find Something To Connect With.
Whether it’s believing in a higher power, believing in science, or believing in yourself– whatever it is, find something that you believe, something that you connect with, something that gives you an inner core.

8. Take Time To Do What You Love.
A lot of us are stuck with bland office jobs that we aren’t inspired with. Make sure that you give yourself time after work to do whatever your heart desires: read an inticing book, paint a pretty picture, grab a bite with a friend… anything that will make your heart happy- do it.

9. Brainwash Your Belief System.
Since we’ve been young, we’ve all been conditioned with these negative belief systems. “Money doesn’t grow on trees…” “Times are tough…” etc. Re-condition your mind to positive thinking. Have a child-like mentality where you believe that anything is possible and that there’s good in the world. You never know what you can achieve with positive thoughts and the law of attraction!

10. Get Grounded.
Grounding is a great way to bring you into yourself. Being present is healthy. There are many ways in which you can ground yourself; including but not limited to paying attention to details within the room (ask yourself, what do I hear? What do I feel? Does my body feel relaxed or tense? What is the room temperature, etc), petting animals, walking outside barefoot, doing yoga, meditating, and more. The more grounded you get the better you will feel.

11. Connect With Your Inner Child.
What did you love to do when you were young? Make a list of the things that you enjoyed, and go do them. I remember I used to love to sit in the bath for hours and pretend I was on a cooking show or pretend I was a professional singer… So now I take time to do all of the above. I bathe often, cook often, and sing often. Taking time do reconnect with your inner child will make you feel whole.

12. Eliminate Anything Inorganic.
I have a new saying– “If it’s not organic, I don’t want it.” Whether it’s food, relationships, or anything else for that matter. I only want quality in my life!

13. Send Yourself To a Spa.
Spa’s are amazing for your entire being. Your mind, body, and soul feel totally rejuvinated after a relaxation session. Whenever I have extra spending money left over I make sure to treat myself with a massage or some sort of special treatment. Trust me on this one– you will leave feeling so soothed and relaxed.

14. Treat Yourself.
I’m a firm believer in treating yourself (in moderation). If you want that ice cream sundae- go get it. If you want to splurge on a new handbag- go for it. You never know what could happen today or tomorrow, so go ahead and indulge in life!

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