Evelyn Lozada Officially Divorces Chad Johnson (OchoCinco)!

I actually had hope for these two, considering how cute they seemed to be on last season of Basketball Wives. But after only 6 weeks, Evelyn officially filed for divorce after Chad head-butted her. If you’d like a catch up on all the details, click below.

What happened was, Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms in her trunk… Evelyn immedately confronted Chad about the receipt. Chad got enraged during their conversation and allegedly head butted her which caused bleeding on her forehead. She ran to her neighbors house and he called the cops, cops came and arrested Chad and then he got removed from the Miami Dolphins within 24 hours of his arrest. VH1 also pulled the plug on their show that was going to air in the fall. Evelyn then filed for a divorce shortly after all this, saying that she’s taking a stand and hopes she influences other woman that are in a similar situation.
Shortly after all of this went public, a random woman came out and said she has been Chad’s mistress for months… she said she wasn’t completely aware of Evelyn, considering when she called she seemed like his “secretary” more than anything. She also claimed that Chad misled her and told her that he wanted to have babies with her, etc. etc.

What do you all think of this situation? I keep seeing a lot of people blame Evelyn for this, saying it’s karma for being a gold-digger and almost setting him up. Other people say that she stated in Basketball Wives that if he ever were to cheat on her, use condoms.
I don’t know though… I think violence should never be an answer to anything, and I think this whole thing is just unfortunate and disappointing.

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